Monthly Favorites: February ’17

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Welcome to the end of the month. We survived, hurray! Personally, I’m no worse for the wear and even stopped to admire a few things along the way.

Favorite Song

Knife’ by Nola Wren & Kill Dave, (tofû remix)

This delightful EDM remix caressed my ears with its love via Spotify’s Discover Weekly (which, on its own, I seriously could not function without).  I always feel a little guilty about saying this, but I like it better than the original (don’t shoot me).  I must have listened to this a solid fifty times throughout the month, and, until I find the next song on Discover Weekly to replace it, it’s staying on repeat.

TV Show

Man Seeking Woman

If you haven’t been watching this already, you need to binge watch Seasons 1 & 2 and then catch up on Season 3 on Hulu right t’now.

‘The struggles of dating’ can border on trite when it comes to television, but Man Seeking Woman takes a hilarious and surrealistic approach. Maybe pass if you aren’t a fan of absurdly literal humor, ex: our protagonist, Josh, in a lovely metaphor for whiskey dick, literally cannot find his male bits after a night out at the bar. Worthy of a WTF? Maybe, and there’s plenty more humor of that ilk. But, I think for all its weirdness, it rewards with how deeply clever and funny the characters and writing can be.

Also, I f**king love Eric Andre.





Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between)


Maybe I’m a little late to this particular party, as it was a Christmas present that I finally got around to reading. Being the die hard Gilmore Girls fan that I am (allow me to shout it for the kids in the back: LAUREN GRAHAM DESERVES AN EMMY RETROACTIVELY), of course I consumed this and the Netflix revival in less than a day.

It wasn’t what I was expecting, but that didn’t detract at all. Expectation: an entire memoir exclusively about her experiences with Gilmore Girls. Reality: personal essays, two of which are devoted to Gilmore Girls. See, I’m dumb and missed the ‘and everything in between’.

Lauren Graham’s style of writing is so comfortable. It’s like catching up with an old friend over coffee. There are moments when I literally laughed out loud, and there are moments that had me hooked and losing track of time. If you liked Bossy Pants by Tina Fey, you’ll enjoy Lauren Graham’s essays just as much, if not more.


And there you have it, my February Favorites. What were you enjoying this month? Any suggestions for me for next month?

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2 Replies to “Monthly Favorites: February ’17”

  1. I am so excited to get Lauren Graham’s book from the library-only a couple of people ahead of me!

    We finished the 4th season of The Americans in pretty short order. If you’ve ever wanted to be an undercover KGB agent in America in the 80s, then this show is for you.

    A also read a delightful picture book called “Little Elliot, Big Fun” I love the Little Elliot Books-they’re about an elephant named Elliot who is kind of shy and borders on sad and his best friend Mouse who helps him through situations. I can’t get enough of them.

    1. It’s crazy good. Worth the wait.

      I’ve seen previews for the Americans, and it’s always been in the back of my mind as a “Hm. Maybe I should watch that.” but no one has ever specifically recommended it to me, til now 😉

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