Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Coloring Book Page

life well hustled majoras mask coloring page
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Coloring Book Page, 8.5 inches X 11 inches.

Download It Here:

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Hey! Listen!

Just kidding.

The world is in need of a Legend of Zelda coloring book, and I’m here to fulfill that need. I started off with a Majora’s Mask coloring book page for no other reason than it’s my favorite Zelda game. I definitely plan on doing a whole series to give some proper love to the other games in the series, so stay tuned.

As a n00b to line art and coloring book pages, this took me a ridiculously long time to finish. I wish I’d timed it, but my best guess is somewhere between 40-50 hours. I thought it would be as simple as scanning my original sketch and tracing over it in Photoshop with my Bamboo tablet… but that was definitely naive thinking, past self. It took me so long mostly because I’d finished a great deal of it (through long, redundant methods that I could have avoided had I been correctly using the pen tool, pathways, and masks), decided I hated it, and started nearly from scratch. I like my final composition much better, and if I wanted to go on for another thousand words, I could start getting super precious about the placement and symbolism of everything.

But, whatever. Just interpret things how you want.

Silver lining: I’m pretty confident that I can pull off some more line art from conception to finish in about half the time. Like I said, I’d love to do a whole series of Legend of Zelda coloring book pages.

My original sketch. Pro tip: sketch in a color other than black so you can tell what’s your sketch and what’s digital.
majoras mask coloring book page in progress
The exact point where I decided I hated it and redid everything.

Anyhoodles, please enjoy and stick around for more entries in my Zelda coloring book series. If you decide to color this, PLEASE send me a picture at [email protected] or through Twitter, @cosmicordia! I’ll post it here and love you forever.

Any specific suggestions or requests for a future coloring book page? Leave me a comment below.

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