Side Hustle Income Report, September 2017 – $394.34

Hello, hustlers.

Another month, another income report. As always, I post these to hopefully educate and inspire others when it comes to the world of side hustling (and the lucrative nature thereof). After all, an extra couple of hundred bucks never hurt anyone.

Me: single lady, no kiddos or fur babies, work 40 hours a week work from home for the time being, and own a home. I hustle a lot.

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Grand Total this Month: $394.34

I originally had decided that I wasn’t going to post my income report this month because I didn’t devote much time to my side hustles and the results weren’t particularly impressive. But, I then decided that, be that as it may, it was still nearly $400 as a result from not even trying that hard. So, here we are. My goal is usually to break $500 per month in side hustles, but, of course, side hustling is the farthest thing from a steady paycheck.

Without further ado, here’s what September looked like:

Face-Painting Income: $160

I had one face-painting gig this month. The job popped up on, and I sent a quote on a whim. During the month, I wasn’t feeling very ‘into’ face-painting, and it was because I was working 40 hours during the week and didn’t like sacrificing my weekends for more work (because, as fun as face-painting is, and as much as I enjoy it, it’s still a considerable amount of work). Shamefully, I ignored a few prospective clients by not returning their calls or emails. Even though one was soliciting me for volunteer work (which, I’m moving away from that – I do volunteer now and then, but I’m not interested in giving up three hours of a Saturday, AKA a prime gig-day, for it), they still deserved the courtesy of a reply.

Accountability time: I am re-committing myself to good business and side hustle practices. Even if not everybody gets their face painted, everybody at least gets a follow-up!

RealityTVGIFs lady gaga artpop face paint GIF

As you might have guessed, the bulk of my face-painting gigs come to me through Clickity click to get started with your own side hustle, be it face-painting, family entertainment, or something else entirely!

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Dog Sitting Income: $150.80

This month, I watched two dogs. They were two repeat clients. They’d been good house-guests the first time around that I was more than willing to watch them a second time! At the beginning of the month, we had this handsome chocolate lab from June come back for a visit:

And then this adorable, one-eyed fart monster of a Boston Terrier from last month returned:

It’s nice to build up a clientele of dogs and dog-owners whom trust you and come to you first the next time they need your services. Also, you can encourage repeat clients to pay you directly instead of booking through third-party websites that will take a 20% cut. As it stands, you’ll probably see the chocolate lab again in October’s side hustle report!

Bartending Income: $81

Wait, what? What happened to when I made 10x that in a month?

I quit, is what happened. (I seem to be good at doing that.)

Without getting too much into it, the family who owns the brew-pub where I hustled were, in a few words, bat-shit insane. It all came to a head one shift where I felt physically unsafe because of it. I finished my shift and decided to nope right the f**k on out of there.

It’s a shame, but c’est la vie. I’ve sent a message to my supervisor at the catering company where I was bartending before the brew-pub, and she said they’d love to have me back on the roster. So, we shall see. I can’t say that bartending is my great passion in life, but it’s easy enough to sling some drinks for extra cash.

 dog alcohol booze martini bartender GIF

Penny Collecting: $2.54

  • $2.27 from JobSpotter. If you’re unfamiliar, JobSpotter is an app where you submit pictures of ‘help wanted’ & ‘now hiring’ signs wherever you find them, and they pay you for them (payment is in the form of Amazon Gift Cards, FYI). This month, I didn’t look very hard or make that much of an effort to take pictures, but it’s super simple and takes no time at all.
  • $0.25 rebate from iBotta. Want cash back on groceries you were going to buy anyway? Click here to get started with iBotta and get your $10 welcome bonus!
  • $0.02 blog pennies (AKA Google AdSense).


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Click here to read ALL of my published income reports!

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