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Who are you?

(updated 8/5/18)

Sylvia with the words…

Words about side hustles, mostly. My goal is to incorporate frugality and side-hustles in my life to achieve financial independence by the time I’m 36 (currently 28).

Factors playing a role:

What side hustles?

Post #shiplife, I now:

It’s going all right.

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What else?

I worked on a cruise ship!

I’ve worked on two cruise ships for a company you’ve heard of. It was a trippy experience and objectively an interesting thing to write about.

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I’m a professional face-painter!

Somewhat accidentally (as with most things in my life), but I’ve been a face-painter since birth for over a decade now. It’s like being a tattoo artist, except not. It’s a good hustle.

I hosted pub trivia!

Hosted trivia in a variety of bars and restaurants for 2.5 years. It was awesome, terrifying, exhausting, and rewarding – all at the same time. The experience directly contributed to me landing a job on a cruise ship. MC Sylvia Dee in the house.

I speak Latin!

Started studying Latin in high school. Got hooked because it’s a magical language. Spent those fleeting four years at college studying it some more. Good times.

That’s about it.

Interested in working together? Drop me a line below or send me a word at [email protected]detailing what you had in mind. I promise I’ll reply within one business day.