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Sylvia with the words.


Words about side hustles, mostly. My goal is to incorporate frugality and side hustles in my life to achieve financial independence by the time I’m 36 (currently 27). Where I currently stand:

  1. No student loans!
  2. Own my own home with a current mortgage of about 100k
  3. Consistent extra monthly income via side hustling

what side hustles?

post #shiplife, I now:

It’s going all right:

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what else?

I worked on a cruise ship!

I’ve worked on two cruise ships for a company you’ve heard of. It was a trippy experience and objectively an interesting thing to write about.

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I’m a professional face-painter!

Somewhat accidentally (as with most things in my life), but I’ve been a face-painter since birth for over a decade now. It’s like being a tattoo artist, except not. It’s a good hustle.

I hosted pub trivia!

Hosted trivia in a variety of bars and restaurants for 2.5 years. It was awesome, terrifying, exhausting, and rewarding – all at the same time. The experience directly contributed to me landing a job on a cruise ship. MC Sylvia Dee in the house.

I speak Latin!

Started studying Latin in high school. Got hooked because it’s a magical language. Spent those fleeting four years at college studying it some more. Good times.

I make coloring book pages!

I don’t know why really, but I’ve started making coloring book pages. Maybe I’ll have made enough for an entire book, someday.

That’s about it.

Interested in working together? Drop me a line below or send me a word at [email protected]detailing what you had in mind. I promise I’ll reply within one business day.

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