• Journal #1: “Why Networking is King: Some Personal Anecdotes” networking is king life well hustled

    I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while. I’ve touched on networking before, but only tangentially as it related to side hustling. I chose a journal format because a little less formality works better. So, even though I preach about the importance of networking all the time, here’s the absolute truth: I […]

  • Side Hustle Income Report, July 2017 – $1,262.09 income report july 2017 life well hustled

    *This post is just a cesspool of referral and affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. Hello, hustlers. Another month, another income report As always, I post these to hopefully educate and inspire others when it comes to the world of side hustling (and the lucrative nature thereof). After all, an extra couple of hundred bucks […]

  • What to Pack for Working on a Cruise Ship What to Pack for Working on a Cruise Ship life well hustled

    *Post contains two affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. “What to pack for working on a cruise ship?” This is a question I’ve received recently, and I thought it beneficial to write out a blog post rather than answer individually. The question itself is a fair one, since the whole process is a bit of […]

  • My Gig-Winning Quote Template for thumbtack quote template life well hustled

    I’ve gotten a few requests for it, so I thought it might be helpful to share the quote template that I use on; as you may know, I side hustle fairly hard as a face-painter. It’s not my main source of income, but on any given month, I land 1-3 gigs and can count […]

  • Side Hustle Income Report, June 2017 – $959.90 side hustle income report june 2017

    Hello, friends. Another month, another income report. As always, I post these to hopefully educate and inspire others to make some serious pocket change off of side hustling! After all, an extra couple of hundred bucks never hurt anyone. In case anyone is curious what I do with my side hustle cash: aside from this […]

  • Guest Post: Curbing Your Spending with the Zero Day Challenge zero day finance life well hustled

    A wild guest post appeared! Today, we’ve got some excellent insight on the methodologies behind curbing your spending – something I don’t talk too often about, since I’m usually busy praising the merits of side hustling and earning extra income. But, while earning more money is important, arguably how you manage it will determine your success on the […]

  • Navigating Mindfulness on the Journey to F.I.R.E. mindfulness lifewellhustled

    *Post contains affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. Like many others out there, I practice mindfulness. Or attempt to, anyway. The hyper-awareness born from actively taking stock of your feelings and emotions can be exhausting. Sometimes I just want to turn my mind off, but negativity can be a veritable force. My personal vice is […]

  • Why Joining a Cruise Ship Was Good for Financial Independence why working on a cruise ship was good for financial independence life well hustled

    It’s the ultimate fantasy to walk out on your nine-to-five and run away to a Caribbean Island. I made that my reality in early 2016 when I quit my full-time job to join a cruise ship. Was it the right choice? I think so. I certainly don’t regret it, at least. It was life-changing in […]

  • Side Hustle Income Report, May 2017: $786.04 income report may 2017

    Total Side Hustle Income for May 2017: $786.04 Hello again! Welcome to another month of sweet side hustling cash. In fact, it’s been my best month yet. I like to post these income reports to show people that there’s real money to be made from side hustling. It’s not always a quick and easy buck […]

  • Avoiding the Side Hustle Burnout avoiding side hustle burnout life well hustled

    Side Hustle Burnout. It’s real but avoidable. As Jax wrote over on Project Beach Life, there are a few very good indicators of when it’s time to quit your side hustle, and I think I’ve found a few of mine. For reference, I’ve taken up a life of side hustling for the past eight months, ever […]

  • 7 Less-Than-Glamorous Frugal Tips for the Broke Girl frugal tips for the broke girl life well hustled

    *Post contains affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. You can either be a ‘lazy and broke’ girl or a ‘frugal and slaying’ girl. I choose the latter. I enjoy challenging myself to examine what is necessary in life vs. what is convenient. Often times, we pay for convenience, even though the alternatives aren’t all that bothersome. […]

  • Side Hustle Ideas for Emcees, Hosts, and Entertainers side hustles ideas for emcees

    Side Hustle Ideas for Emcees, Hosts, and Entertainers. There’s plenty of them. If everyone were a good public speaker, then it wouldn’t be such a coveted skill. As a follow-up to my previous post on ways to improve your public speaking, I give you this brain-storming list. If you are a good public speaker, you should make money from […]

  • Side Hustle Income Report, April 2017: $727.61 side hustle income report april 2017 life well hustled

    Total Side Hustle Income for the month: $727.61 Another month, another side hustle income report! Spring is finally starting to happen here in Michigan, and as a result, the pocket change is coming more easily. Nicer weather means it’s time for parties and vacations – two things that will always need face-painters and house-sitters. Without further […]

  • Penny Pinching in the Kitchen: My $100 Grocery Budget $100 dollar grocery budget life well hustled

    *Post contains affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. A $100 grocery budget seemed daunting at first. At a time in my life when I had disposable income (i.e. ‘life before working on a cruise ship at a soul-crushing office job’), I was easily spending between $300-$400 per month just on food. Bad habits seemed to […]

  • ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ the Drinking Game 'Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End' the Drinking Game life well hustled

    *Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. The rum’s never gone, here. Hello, friends. Welcome back to my “official” series of drinking to and kibbitzing about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in honor of the upcoming fifth installment, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. Today, may I present ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At […]

  • Emceeing as a Side Hustle: 5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking emcee as a side hustle improve public speaking

    *Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. I’ll keep repeating it forever and ever: public speaking is a valuable skill. I don’t mean only in that it’s a good skill to have. Which, although true, I mean it in the sense that you can actually make money from it. How? By emcee-ing. Or […]

  • 6 Snapshots of Life as an American Working on a Cruise Ship 6 Snapshots of an American Working on a Cruise Ship

    Life is so much bigger than your backyard. I’m completely guilty of it: getting comfortable in life, content to live and stay in your own little bubble. I used to be a teacher and one of the core concepts in my classroom was that foreign language education was necessary to become a citizen of the […]

  • Money and Panic: 3 Temporary Fixes for Anxiety 3 temporary fixes for anxiety

    Anxiety about money: It’s real, ever-present, and annoying. I’ve got a lot of it, and I know I’m not the only one. In fact, I think I would be in the minority if I didn’t. Some of the personal finance worry comes from the fact that I’m super single and share the financial burdens of life with no […]

  • Side Hustle Income Report, March 2017 – $515.52 income report march 2017

    Putting your income on blast for the whole world to see? Seems crazy, but I love reading other bloggers’ income reports. It feels like a permissible form of snooping. To pay it back to the universe for my nosiness, I thought I’d throw my own hat into the ring. My focus for these income reports, however, is not […]

  • Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Coloring Book Page Zelda Coloring Book Pages

    Download It Here: +PDF version (975 KB) +PNG version (3.4 MB) Hey! Listen! Just kidding. The world is in need of a Legend of Zelda coloring book, and I’m here to fulfill that need. I started off with a Majora’s Mask coloring book page for no other reason than it’s my favorite Zelda game. I definitely plan […]

  • 9 English Words with Amusing Latin Roots English Words with Amusing Latin Roots

    Follow your dreams, people. During the time I worked as a trivia hostess, I also wrote question sets for the company. ‘All things trivia’ is my bread and butter, and I’ve started dabbling in writing infotainment articles and pitching them to various websites. They aren’t always accepted, but I’m too proud of some of the […]

  • Advertising Your Side Hustle and Driving in Clients Like a Pro 5 Tips for Advertising your Side Hustle

    *Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here. As I’ve mentioned, a personal side-hustle is face-painting. It doesn’t pay all my bills, but that’s to be expected with a “side” business, right? However, the growth within the last six months has been exponential, so maybe it’s not entirely far-fetched to think that in a […]

  • Stop Selling Your Side-Hustle Short! STOP selling your side-business short

    A recent Craigslist ad has spurred my ire. As I’ve mentioned previously, my main side-business (out of many) is face-painting. It was my first paying job eleven years ago, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. However, it’s only within the last year I’ve decided to treat it like a business. I took a deep […]

  • How to Land a Gig on how to land a gig on thumbtack

    Wondering why you can’t land a gig on Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There’s tons of unspoken do’s and don’t’s of how to land a gig that might not seem overly obvious upon first glance. I won’t lie, starting out is tough. That’s the downside of directory sites like Thumbtack: if you’re a new player in […]

  • Why Latin is the Coolest Language of All 5 reasons why Latin is the coolest

    I don’t think I sang Latin’s praises enough in Why I Don’t Regret my Useless Degree. It was more a call-to-action to follow your passions, enjoy the ride, and don’t be afraid of the future. Latin was my drug of choice, and if it something you are considering for your own studies, then I applaud you […]

  • Monthly Favorites: February ’17 Monthly favorites: February '17

    Contains affiliate links! That means I may receive a portion of the sales from anything you buy as a result of my recommendations at no extra charge to you. Welcome to the end of the month. We survived, hurray! Personally, I’m no worse for the wear and even stopped to admire a few things along […]

  • Why I Don’t Regret my “Useless Degree” why i don't regret my useless degree life well hustled

    “Useless degree.” A contentious little couplet, that. Two words capable of causing all sorts of family drama during your college Thanksgiving break. Even though I’ve since graduated, the phrase still brings up innumerable feelings of indignation, irritation, anxiety, defensiveness, shame, anger… any emotion conceptually tied to ‘negative’, really. To all my kindred spirits out there, […]

  • How I Avoided a Money Scam on How I avoided a money scammer on

    This isn’t a post I planned on, but it’s fresh, and I need to get it out there. When you are side-hustling and freelancing to survive, you directly open yourself up to a world of money scams – moreso than you would, say, at an office job. There’s many ways these a**holes can try to con you out […]

  • ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ the Drinking Game 'Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Man's Chest' the drinking game life well hustled

    We kicked off the count-down to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ with a re-watch of Curse of the Black Pearl and drinking (rum) to every moment that made me us say, “Wait. What the f**k?” I’m going strong, plowing through with a new drinking game for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s […]

  • Creative Side Hustles for the Extroverted Introvert creative side hustles for extroverted introverts

    Extroverted-introvert: it sounds like oxy-moronic bulls**t, but I stand by it. To me, an extroverted-introvert is someone who needs just enough socialization and more than plenty of alone time. This is me to a T. I live alone, work alone, and don’t go out unless I make an effort to. I’m perfectly happy to hermit around […]

  • ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’ the Drinking Game 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl' the drinking game life well hustled

    Part of having a life well-hustled includes balance and finding time for our passions and hobbies. Mine so happen to include drinking and tearing apart pop culture, usually at the same time. For some reason, I get more joy out of nit-picking the everloving hell out of colossally popular fandoms until they implode by their own improbability. […]

  • Alone Not Lonely: Aromanticism Alone not Lonely: Aromanticism

    To honor Valentine’s Day, I’m writing about something that garners almost no attention in the discussion of ‘Sexuality and The Spectrum’: aromanticism. The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network defines ‘aromanticism’ simply as experiencing little to no romantic attraction toward others. It’s real, it’s a thing, and I think it saved my life (or my sanity, at least). […]

  • 3 Life Lessons from your Pub Trivia Host 3 Life Lessons from your Pub Trivia Host

    Hosting pub trivia, or entertainment side-hustles in general, are good moonlighting gigs, but great for the extroverted introvert. “That’s not a thing,” you say, to which I respond that nature is full of oxy-morons (but don’t press me for examples). You enjoy people and socializing, but at the end of the day, you crave your […]

  • 4 Tips for Getting Hired on a Cruise Ship 4 Tips for Getting Hired on a Cruise Ship - job on a cruise ship, life well hustled

    Want a job on a cruise ship? It’s not as impossible to attain as you may think. The cruise industry, now and forever, will need workers for two reasons. 1.) The turnover is justifiably high: for most people, working seven days a week for months on end, contract after contract, is just not sustainable. 2.) Considering […]

  • 3 More Downsides to Working on a Cruise Ship 3 More Downsides to Working on a Cruise Ship

    As mentioned in the earlier posts in the series, working on a cruise ship has amazing benefits but significant pitfalls as well. It wasn’t all peaches and cream, unfortunately. The guests Post #shiplife (the clever little hashtag to encompass the enormity of ‘working on a cruise ship’), people will ask, “What were the best and […]

  • 5 Downsides to Working on a Cruise Ship downsides to working on a cruise ship

    I kicked off this series with a call to action for everyone to quit their day-jobs . However, while I think the pros of working on a cruise ship do outweigh the cons, there are some pretty significant drawbacks to #shiplife. For instance: You work every. single. day. That’s right. Your schedule will largely depend […]

  • 4 More (Practical) Reasons to Work on a Cruise Ship 4 More Practical Reasons to Work on a Cruise Ship

    Why should anyone want to work on a cruise ship? Lots of reasons. Last post, I appealed to your ethos for why you should quit your day job. However, there are legitimately practical advantages to working on a cruise ship. No overhead Your paygrade will depend largely on your position. Personally, mine was… paltry. But, that comes with minimal […]

  • Why Everyone Should Work on a Cruise Ship

    I have limited life-advice to dispense, being a middling millennial and all (but dibs on the band name). If you were to create a heat map of all the places I’ve lived up to a year ago, only one single 15-mile radius within the same county would glow. Not that physical movement is commensurate with […]


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