Work With Me!

Want to work together? Me, too.

Talk to me. As you may have guessed from this blog, my specialty is writing web content, including but not limited to:

  • blog posts & articles
  • email blasts & newsletters
  • website & social media copy
  • bad puns
  • making bullet-point lists, obviously.


  • Side hustling your way to success
  • The cruise ship industry
  • Freelance entertaining
  • Latin and foreign language education
  • Aromanticism
  • Trivia, a.k.a.: the interesting minutiae of life
  • Everything in between


  • This blog, mostly.
  • That company I worked for as a trivia hostess? I also wrote question sets for them on the regular. My mind is a walking fact book, and I know a little bit about everything (well… a lot of things).  I love writing ‘infotainment’ articles.
  • Three years as Communications Coordinator for a neuro-rehabilitation facility specializing in traumatic brain injuries. While not the focus here at ‘life well hustled’, I actually have strong opinions and a solid knowledge base in this area.
  • I type 106 words per minute. No one is ever as impressed by that as I want them to be.

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Tell me about your project

+What kind of project is it?

+What’s the subject area?

+What’s the word count?

+What’s your budget?

+What’s your anticipated turnaround time?

+Is it in Latin? Can it be in Latin?